Blue aluminium laydown transmission shim set - 1mm and 2mm (Associated B6)

Manufacturer: JConcepts

Part No: JC2606-1


Lower ride-height is all the rage in 1/10th off-road racing, especially in carpet where 15 and 16mm is very common place. Off-road vehicles are not exactly built to race with excessively low ride-height and special accommodations are being made to allow higher levels of performance. JConcepts now offers the 1mm and 2mm shim kit for the B6 vehicle which can raise the entire transmission of the vehicle to allow a more advantageous drive-shaft angle.


As a driver lowers the ride-height, the bone angle drops significantly on the inside of the vehicle, compromising drive-line geometry and efficiency. First, the JConcepts #2606-1 includes a complete 1mm and 2mm set to give racers that all important dual option. Second, due to the nature of aluminum and the machining process, the JConcepts shim set provides a more stable footprint over 3D printed or injection molded items.


These shims are sandwiched in-between suspension components and aluminum isn’t as likely to deform under load or screw force. As more racers use automatic tools for assembly and builds, it’s important for suspension mounts to maintain a flat base. According to team drivers, you want to add this adjustment for carpet, turf or extremely high-grip dirt racing. Raising the transmission will allow more mid-corner and on-power rotation and will generally free the vehicle and assists the rear-end in carving a more consistent and high-speed corner.


Notes –

Shim A is placed directly below the transmission

Shim B is placed between the rear bulkhead and transmission tab

Shim C is placed under the chassis brace

Longer screws might be necessary (not included)



  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Light-weight / durable design
  • Laser marked logo and thickness
  • Available in blue for easy identification
  • Aesthetic jewelry

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